Sonic Air Engineering Drying

2020 Sonic Catalog

Sonic Air Engineered Drying System

Marchant Schmidt has been Sonic Air System's distributor for the food, beverage, and dairy industries for over 15 years. MSI's vast experience in the food, beverage and dairy industries combined with Sonic's leadership in the product drying industry has provided solutions for a wide range of moisture removal, debris removal, product cooling and FDA-HEPA filtered air applications worldwide.

Sonic is the recognized leader in engineered "blower-powered" air knife solutions. Sonic's vast experience with thousands of customers worldwide provides the assurance that there will be no moisture or debris related problems outside or inside a product container impacting lid, pop top and crown drying, labeling, inkjet coding, shrink wrapping or cardboard packaging.

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Setting Sonic apart from air knife systems that use compressed air is a 75% savings in energy costs when comparing Sonic centrifugal blowers to air compressors. Click on the 2017 Sonic Catalog link above to see an example of that savings.

In sanitary / cool-air drying situations (example: FreshPak vegetables), Sonic's HEPA 0.3 micron inline filters combined with Sonic's Cool-Air drying ensure that product surfaces are cleaned, cooled and dried with air that won't compromise the process's cleanliness and product maximum drying temp limits.

Where noise containment is a concern, Sonic has enclosures available for motor/blower units and SMART Tunnels for air knife configurations that reduce noise levels to as low as 75 Db for blowers and 85 Db for air knives.

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When product blending is part of the process and quick turnaround change-outs are the norm, the Sonic solution is their Patented Variable-Temp Tank Dryer that reduces Clean-In-Place (CIP) time from hours to just minutes.

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