Marchant Schmidt, Inc. focuses on customer service for all our products and equipment.  We offer a full line of replacement parts that are stocked and ready for shipment.  For your convenience, please use our Online Ordering for all of your equipment parts orders.

To contact our parts department you may contact Parts via email at .  Please be sure to include MSI part numbers (typically these are located in the MSI Service Manual or located on the machine name plate)

Please contact the Parts department or Inside Sales for further questions or to order by phone during normal business hours (7 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST / Monday - Friday) call                    (920) 921-4760

*Please Note:

  • An electronic order confirmation will be sent via the part ordering site immediately after an order has been submitted.

  • An MSI employee will email a final confirmation after the order has been placed.

  • Shipping charges will be added to the total price at time of invoicing.

  • A unit price of $0.00 is an indicaton tha MSI does not have current pricing on that product.  The price will be in the emailed confirmation.

  • Some online prices may not be accurate due to fluctuations in materials etc.  The current price will be verified in the emailed confirmation.

Now Featuring Parts & Service for Wright Pugson / Arcall Cheese Cutting Equipment !

European Parts Contact - Karen Lane:  +44 1527 888030