Design Engineering

Staying on the leading edge of technology is a philosophy, as well as a trademark, for Marchant Schmidt, Inc. A full staff of degreed and practical engineers can provide your company with a layout of processing and packaging equipment.

All engineers excel in the area of utilizing modern software to provide quick turnaround as well as a high-level of accuracy. They can provide a complete turnkey package, integrating both processing and packaging equipment, from concept to design, to manufacturing and installation.

The engineering group at Marchant Schmidt, Inc. is experienced in incorporating accepted sanitary principles into every manufactured item. They have worked closely with state and federal agencies in developing cleanable equipment designs compliant with the complex 3-A and USDA regulations. Their experiences, along with their long-standing relationships within the regulatory and inspection agencies, makes it possible for Marchant Schmidt, Inc. to expedite the regulatory approval process for your equipment.

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