Company History

Getting Started

Marchant Schmidt, Inc., a third generation manufacturing facility located in Fond du Lac, WI, was founded by Harold Marchant and Lyle C. Schmidt. After opening and maintaining their individual businesses, Harold and Lyle collectively joined forces in 1963. The goal of the company venture was to assist local farmers and area businesses in the fabrication, welding and repair of machinery.

For over 30 years, Marchant Schmidt, Inc. remained at its 9th Street location growing the business and supporting its customers’ needs. While furthering their education for a future in the family business, Lyle Jr. and Rick began working for their father in the factory. In 1978, Lyle Sr. purchased Harold Marchant’s business share due to Mr. Marchant’s retirement. The untimely death of Lyle Sr. in 1979 brought new challenges to the company. Nyleen Schmidt, Lyle Sr.’s wife, was cast into the position of running the family business and today maintains the position as CEO/President.

Marchant Schmidt, Inc. Headquarters

Expanding & Innovating

In the early 80’s, with the help of Nyleen’s two sons, Lyle and Rick, Marchant Schmidt, Inc. expanded its customer base to include local vegetable canneries and cheese factories. Since then the company has operated under two divisions: the Valve & Machining Division (VMS) and the Stainless Steel Fabrication Division. This enabled the company to diversify its operation and customer base.

The VMS Division headed by Lyle M. Schmidt, Vice President, continues to advance in its core business: the repairing, rebuilding and manufacturing of replacement parts for FMC and Stork continuous cookers. The VMS division has secured major distributorships for the distribution of products that are related to their core business. This has also enabled them to branch out into other segments of the food industry. Their customer base is a list of “who’s who” in the food industry. Relationships have been built over the course of 45 years with companies such as: Nestles; Campbells Soup; ConAgra; Del Monte; Miller Brewing; General Mills; Heinz and Birdseye Foods.

The Stainless Steel Fabrication division headed by Richard F. Schmidt, Vice President, continues to advance as an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of stainless steel products and equipment for the food and dairy industry. The ‘90’s brought about new and exciting ventures when the Stainless Steel Fabrication Division developed a product line of cheese converting equipment that included cheese shredding lines, cheese cutting systems and other innovative products for the food and dairy industries. To date there are currently over 450 cheese shredding and cutting systems throughout the world. That number continues to grow every year with expanded product lines and continued marketing around the world. Marchant Schmidt, Inc. was recently awarded patents in cheese cutting technology that continues to demonstrate advancement and improve efficiency over today’s conventional style of cheese cutting. In 2008, the introduction of the Vision Cutting System brought about a new advancement for cheese weight control and improvement in yield.

In the fall of 1995, the most dramatic change in the company’s history came with the construction of a new manufacturing facility located in Fond du Lac's Southwest Industrial Park. An additional facility was added in 2000 to accommodate the Controls & Integration division. This division was added to offer MSI customers’ a complete solution to their needs. These state-of-the-art facilities enabled Marchant Schmidt, Inc. to offer a wider range of products while still serving their customers efficiently. Another milestone year in 2009 brought about the expansion of the facility to over double its current manufacturing/office space to aid in future sales growth.

Global Emergence and Beyond

In May of 2007 Marchant Schmidt, Inc. was awarded the State of Wisconsin Governor’s Export Achievement Award for achieving top results in international sales and helping to move Wisconsin further into the global marketplace. Marchant Schmidt, Inc.’s international sales accounted for over 27% of their total sales in 2007; with a goal of 50% by 2010. With the increase of international exporting and the growth of cheese consumption in European countries, Marchant Schmidt, Inc. opened a European Branch office in March of 2008 in the United Kingdom. This new sales office is designed to assist their customers and sales agents throughout the European region. October 2012 launched a new Marchant Schmidt division, ideally labeled Marchant Schmidt Europe.  This new facility, located near Birmingham, U.K., will be a full service entity will include sales, engineering, spare parts, service and training. 

Committed to customer satisfaction, the MSI team is continually looking at new and innovative solutions to respond to its customers’ needs. Marchant Schmidt, Inc. remains a progressive leader in the food, dairy, and beverage industries, and looks forward to strong growth in the future.

This growth can only be achieved by focusing on our customer needs through strategic marketing, innovative product design, employee commitment and vendor partnerships.