Tray Washers

Image: washingtraysandcrates.jpg

The MSI Tray / Crate Washer washes trays and totes efficiently and reliably, providing the lowest possible environmental impact. A variety of options are available to suit your application including multiple wash lanes, extended wash modules, recirculated rinse modules & optional destacking and stacking equipment. It can be configured to wash and sanitize all types of trays used in the food industry such as cooking trays used in the food industry such as cooking trays, wire baskets, baking sheets, distribution crates and internal production trays.

  • Wash throughput is 50 - 3,000 containers/hr depending on system requirements and pollution
  • Low level water protection for pumps and heaters included on all tray/tote washers
  • A full range of sizes and styles to fit your application
  • Optional direct inject sanitizer dosage pump for adding chemical to the rinse water

Tray Washers Product List