Food Service Cheese Shredding

Image: 2015foodservicelinewithdualshredderscopy.jpg

Cheese Shredding capacity up to 18,000 lbs/hr

Our unique cube-feed transfer system on our Foodservice Cheese Shredding Line can feed up to six cheese shredders or dicers at one time. The cube-feed system conveys cubes consistently for a high production rate, allowing maximized system throughput and eliminating jam-ups due to uneven flow.

The cheese shredding system is also designed with an amperage load feedback, so excess cubes can be diverted from lanes through pneumatically operated gates which are designed to modulate the product flow to the shredder. The shredded cheese is then discharged from the shredder/dicer onto a vibratory collection shaker where the starch/cellulose is applied. From there the product is conveyed into the tumble drum and transferred to the packaging area.

  • Follows USDA dairy guidelines
  • Continuous operation for uninterrupted production
  • Simplified design for easy cleanup and maintenance
  • Turnkey system that integrates all necessary equipment to cut, shred and package

Food Service Cheese Shredding Product List