Economy Cheese Shredding

Image: economyshredlinephoto2018.jpg

Cheese Shredding capacity up to 3,000 lbs/hr

The Economy Cheese Shredder automatically size reduces 40# (20 kgs) cheese blocks or off cuts into cubes and feed them directly into a shredding machine prior to packaging. The cheese blocks are manually fed into the MS20 cuber, reduced to cubes and fed directly into the shredder. From there the shredded cheese discharges onto an MS2000 incline conveyor where a set percentage of cellulose is dispensed onto the cheese. The cheese is then transferred to the mixing drum, that protects the cheese/product from damage and also aids in the blending of multiple type cheeses. From here the shredded cheese is conveyed to the packaging area or bulk-off for further processing.

  • Compact layout to minimize required floor space
  • Consistent cheese cube feed to shredder improves production
  • All components designed for easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Integrated safety interlocks on all removable guards

This system allows for a low cost cheese shredding solution and requires minimal floor space. It is capable of processing up to 3,000 lbs. (1,500kgs) of cheese per hour prior to packaging.

Economy Cheese Shredding Product List